September 2013, VOLUME 6


Ayurveda is one of online viagra experment the hottest lifestyle trends right now, as it is the sister science to yoga, but also the key to a long, vibrant, healthy life. It's your own personal Fountain of Youth. And it's fully accessible to anyone!
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photos by Dawn Allen
September 2013 FEATURE ISSUE

Healthy Daily Rhythms and Family Life
Our everyday activities have a direct influence on our health. Flowing with the natural rhythms and cycles of the sun, moon, and earth, and understanding their fluctuations bring us toward our healthiest, happiest, and most natural state.
by Margo Shapiro Bachman
Panchtiktghrit Guggulu in Psoriasis
Ayurveda has considered all skin diseases under kustha roga, literally meaning the buy viagra caverta roga which causes discoloration, disfiguration, bringing disgrace upon the bearer.
by Dr. Amit Dutta
Ayurveda's Evolutionary Journey
In this article we'll trace the footsteps of Ayurveda from Ancient India to present days in the Western world and to generic viagra levitra generic cialis pills unveil the dynamics that lead to its current alterations.
by Simona Schrammel
Cultivate your Life Through Ayurveda and Yoga
Life is becoming more stressful and people gravitate toward instant gratification effects such as eating fast food on the go and receiving text messages instantly. Two ancient teachings, yoga and prescriptions viagra Ayurveda, complement each other to gain a deeper understanding of human existence and health.
by Elizabeth Kovar
Types of Skin & Acne Pervention
According to ayurveda, there are different natures of skin, according to the type and nature of buy cialis buy cialis online dreampharmaceuticals skin “diseases of skin”occurred. If we came to know the target google viagra order cheap nature of our skin then we would like to avoid the things, which are harmful to buy viagra online order generic viagra our skin, hence the prevention of skin diseases may be possible.
by Dr. Amit Dutta

July 13-17, 2013
Annual Healing Life Yoga Retreat in Arizona!
Escape to this Peaceful Desert Oasis for 5 Life Changing Days of Yoga, Creativity, Nourishing Food, & Relaxation.

August 1-31, 2013
200-hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Course
Dave & Cheryl will be leading a full 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Training in beautiful Montanita, Ecuador, this August!

August 7-11, 2013
Yoga Sutras Immersion Retreat (Residential Immersion with Nicolai Bachman / Sanskrit Sounds)
Join Nicolai Bachman in the scenic foothills of Santa Fe, New Mexico for a unique opportunity to learn and chant the Yoga Sutras.

November 10-15, 2013
Listen to Senior Ashtanga Yoga teachers as they share their knowledge and profound experiences about history and principles behind Ashtanga Yoga.

Introduction to the Yoga Sutras
A 7-Video Course about Yoga Sutras developed by Dr. Katy Poole of Shruti Institute


Update: Learning Sanskrit the Easy and Practical Way - Workbook 2 - Conjugate Letters was launched!
The second work book of a series of avoid generic viagra Learning Sanskrit is now available! Great news! You can SAVE when you order Workbooks 1 & 2 together.


Authentic Cakra Poster Available
Nicolai Bachman and blog viagra soft tabs Todd Bush recently launch their authentic cakra-s poster - a great way to understand the chakra-s from a Vedic point of view.


Pay it forward - with yoga!
Join Aminda Courtwright in the Pay It Forward Movement with yoga.


Free Yoga Nidra!
Our good friend and OMY writer Aminda Courtwright is offering a free online 30-minute Yoga Nidra session!
Our mission is to provide an opportunity to discover one's path through yoga by providing access to extraordinary yoga teachers, instruction and resources.